Harmonic Health Launches a Comprehensive Dementia Care Delivery Solution to Alleviate Strain and Partner with PCPs, Neurologists and Health Systems

Integrating medical, behavioral, and social aspects of care, Harmonic launched in partnership with a family medicine practice serving the Delaware, Pennsylvania and Maryland region.

ST. LOUIS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Harmonic Health, today announced the launch of its comprehensive, evidence-based, dementia care model that bridges gaps in care by bringing together advanced technology and an expert care team to partner with physicians, to provide comprehensive care management and support patients and caregivers facing neurodegenerative diseases. Harmonic launched its initial services with Stoney Batter Family Medicine, a trusted family medical practice serving over 24,000 patients within the Delaware, Pennsylvania, and Maryland region.

Built at Redesign Health, Harmonic empowers and supports PCPs and neurologists in managing the impact of cognitive decline for Alzheimer’s, dementia and Parkinson’s patients. Utilizing a multidisciplinary approach, Harmonic addresses the medical, behavioral, and social aspects of dementia care. As part of the initial program pilot with Stoney Batter, Stoney Batter physicians and their patients receive dedicated dementia care expertise and resources that includes caregiver support and coaching, dementia screening, patient education, and referral for community services. Harmonic is seeing early program demand, with an 80% patient enrollment rate.

“I know from personal experience that the current situation for treating patients with neurodegenerative diseases is ineffective, unsupportive and deeply frustrating. Patients and caregivers lack support and physicians lack the resources to provide comprehensive care,” said Harmonic CEO and Co-Founder Jim Gera. “At Harmonic, our goal is to provide that missing support and bridge the gap in care by treating each patient and caregiver with candor, dignity and empathy while focusing care specifically through the lens of the disease.”

The U.S. is grappling with an unseen challenge from patients and families impacted by Alzheimer’s, dementia and Parkinson’s, with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services emphasizing dementia care as a major priority. Currently, Alzheimer’s and other dementias affect over 6.7 million Americans, costing $655 billion annually. Despite the growing prevalence of these conditions, care and treatment options remain limited and fragmented. Primary care physicians (PCPs) face significant challenges in providing care with over 75% of these patients managed by their PCPs, and 50% of PCPs feeling unprepared to meet increased patient demand.

“Harmonic Health serves to fill a serious unmet need for my patients with neurodegenerative disease and their families,” said Stoney Batter Family Medicine Physician and Owner, Dr. Sarah Mullins, MD. “It complements my practice and alleviates stressors for the patient and their family, as well as for me and my team.”

Harmonic’s care model helps providers and neurologists provide collaborative, longitudinal care to patients and caregivers facing Alzheimer’s, dementia and similar diseases with empathy, candor and compassion, offering a robust set of resources and tools:

Specialized Care Team – Harmonic’s specialized multidisciplinary care team, utilizes a top of license model to assess disease severity, coordinate treatments, and provide emotional support for patients and caregivers, all while creating comprehensive care plans with specialist referrals when needed.

Personalized Educational Materials and Resources – Harmonic provides resources, educational materials, and personalized support through a user-friendly patient and caregiver-facing app that includes a central patient portal to contact their care manager, appointment scheduling and tracking, symptoming tracking and care plans.

AI-Powered Assistance and Risk Stratification – Harmonic combines generative AI, advanced algorithms, and data analytics to assess patient risk levels, identify undiagnosed or underdiagnosed disease severity, and create comprehensive care plans aligned with physician protocols. This technology empowers Harmonic’s care teams to enhance human touchpoints, prioritize patient and caregiver communication, emotional support, and care guidance.

Provider-Friendly Workflow Integration – Harmonic’s platform enables PCPs and neurologists to efficiently manage patients by offering data insights, care coordination, and integration with EHR systems, allowing clinicians to proactively identify and refer patients, access care plans, and monitor patient progress.

About Harmonic Health

Harmonic provides evidence-based, comprehensive care extending from the primary care physician, fundamentally focused on managing the impact of cognitive decline. Harmonic’s evidence-based and innovative care delivery model for patients with neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and dementia allows PCPs and neurologists to more effectively support and care for patients. Through an integrated care management platform, Harmonic addresses the medical, behavioral and social aspects of each patient’s condition. Harmonic’s dedicated multidisciplinary care team provides patients and their caregivers with personalized support, including resources, education and ongoing care, helping physicians meaningfully impact the lives of NDD patients. Harmonic treats each situation with candor, dignity and empathy, focusing care specifically through the lens of the disease. Learn more here: https://www.harmonichealth.com/

About Redesign Health

Redesign Health is a healthcare innovation company. We lower the barriers to change across the industry and accelerate progress using proprietary tools, technologies, and insights. Founded in 2018, we have built more than 50 companies from the ground up and supported leading healthcare organizations in rapidly advancing their innovation agendas. Our work spans nearly every aspect of healthcare and has enabled new models of clinical care, transformed the provider and patient experience, driven greater efficiency and alignment and touched more than 14 million lives. For more information, visit redesignhealth.com.


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