Mercury Has Built a Leadership Team to Simplify Logistics for Healthcare and Life Sciences Companies

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Mercury is delighted to share that with the recent hiring of Bruce Roberts as Vice President of Sales, the company now has a full complement of its leadership team. With this, Mercury has built a leadership team to simplify logistics for healthcare and life sciences companies.

Having celebrated the fortieth anniversary of its founding on January 2, 2024, Mercury operates like an agile startup constantly trying to drive innovation and live its values of Client Obsession, Relentless Improvement, and World-Class Teamwork.

The company tries to empower all its people and lead from the bottom up. Remarkably, functional leaders have full autonomy in their decision-making for their functions, while cross-cultural collaboration is strongly encouraged.

To ensure transparency, diversity of perspectives in decision-making, achieve streamlined communication and secure full buy-in, Mercury holds integrated weekly meetings with all its leaders.

Mercury’s Leadership Team is comprised of:

Josh Medow, CEO, is a former Army officer turned entrepreneur who has been leading Mercury since 2020. Josh went to West Point for his Bachelor’s degree and then earned an MBA from Harvard Business School. Josh lives in Boston with his wife, daughter and their high-energy Siberian husky.

Artug Acar, COO, has extensive experience with several high-tech companies in the Greater Boston area – MathWorks, Kiva/Amazon Robotics, Symbotic, Humatics, and RightHand Robotics. Artug earned a BS and two MS degrees in mechanical engineering, and an MBA from Isenberg School of Management. He started his career as a mechanical design engineer 20 years ago and transitioned to software engineering after completing his academic studies at Northeastern University. Artug lives in Cambridge with his wife and daughter.

Jasmine Martirossian, CMO and CPO, brings extensive leadership experience, having worked at multinational companies, such as TÜV SÜD, PTC, Intertek, and TTA. Jasmine has earned two master’s degrees (in Linguistics and International Relations). She earned her Ph.D. in Law, Policy, and Society from Northeastern University. Jasmine is a Certified Association Executive (CAE) and a Certified Gallup Clifton Strengths Coach. An avid traveler, she lives in Boston with her husband, and they cherish their proximity to their daughter’s family.

Mike Boisvert, Director of Finance, has extensive experience working with organizations ranging from startups to multinationals, including Employ, JazzHR, GuideSpark, and NxStage Medical. He earned a BS degree in Accounting from Bentley University. Mike lives in the Greater Boston area with his wife and daughter.

Peggy Griffin, Senior Vice President of Strategy and Growth, has been with Mercury for over 20 years. She was the visionary behind Mercury’s pivot in the early 2000s to focus on the life sciences and healthcare industries. Peggy earned her BA degree from Buffalo State College. In her free time, she enjoys skiing, trying new recipes, and listening to audiobooks while speed walking to increase the number of books read. Peggy lives in the Greater Boston area with her husband and frequently enjoys the company of her daughters, who live in Boston.

Peter Kneck, Director of Digital Marketing, is a leading expert in digital and B2B marketing with experience in global companies across various industries, from software to conformity assessments in the TIC sector. He holds a BS degree from Bryant University. An avid golfer, he resides in Rhode Island.

Chris Ladouceur, Director of Product and Design, has been pivotal in shaping UX/UI design and product management across notable companies such as Wayfair, Privy, Lovepop, and SimpliSafe. At Mercury, he currently directs product and design efforts, improving user experiences for critical shipping solutions. His work, inspired by his love for Legos, demonstrates a blend of precision, creativity, and functionality, reflecting his extensive experience and innovative approach to product development in diverse industry settings.

Erdem Ozcan, Director of Engineering, has held engineering leadership roles at global tech firms such as Siemens and Afiniti, navigating through both corporate and startup landscapes. He earned his B.S. degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering department at Bilkent University, Turkey. He is enthusiastic about cultivating high-performing engineering teams and has a strong interest in exploring new countries and cultures through travel.

Bruce Roberts, Vice President of Sales, brings over 25 years in the transportation and logistics industry, starting as a motorcycle messenger and most recently serving as Senior Vice President of Business Development at Coach USA, the largest private motorcoach operator in North America, following its acquisition by Variant Equities in 2019. Bruce earned his BA degree from UCLA and completed postgraduate work at the USC Marshall School of Business. When not working, Bruce enjoys spending time on the water or in the mountains with his wife, four children, and two dogs. Bruce resides in Southern California.

Jim Turk, Director of Logistics Operations, has held leadership roles at Amazon and the U.S. Army. Jim holds an MBA from the University of Washington. Outside of work, Jim enjoys spending time with his family, golfing, and is an avid Cleveland sports fan.


Mercury is a global logistics company specializing in time- and temperature-sensitive shipping for biotech and life science research, clinical trials, diagnostics, and medical device companies. Mercury’s NavigentSM Portal provides a holistic view of the client organization’s entire shipping, and enables them to drive operational efficiencies.

Our clients get individual attention rather than a 1-800 number for their critical shipments. Mercury’s support teams proactively track every shipment and troubleshoot issues, so our clients can focus on their businesses and not shipping. For over 40 years, our dependability has allowed our clients to grow their business with greater efficiency, given Mercury’s flexible pickups, customized invoices and reports – a single source for all of their shipping needs. You can learn more about Mercury at



Jasmine Martirossian

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) and Chief People Officer (CPO)

[email protected]

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