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Upcoming medical expos

Medical & Healthcare
Vietnam Medipharm Expo logo

Vietnam MediPharm Expo Hanoi

Live in-person: December 7 -
 December 9, 2023
Country/City: Vietnam
, Hanoi
Organizer by: VINEXAD - Exhibition & Event
Medical & Healthcare| Medical & Rehab
Medical Japan


Live in-person: January 17 -
 January 19, 2024
Country/City: Japan
, Osaka
Organizer by: RX Japan Ltd.
SCATE 2023 - Malaysia dental expo

SCATE Malaysia dental exhibition and conference

Live in-person: January 26 -
 January 28, 2024
Country/City: Malaysia
, Kuala Lumpur
Organizer by: Malaysian Dental Association
MedTech and medical manufacturing
MD&M west

MD&M West

Live in-person: February 6 -
 February 8, 2024
Country/City: United States
, Anaheim, California
Organizer by: Informa Markets
Medical & Healthcare

AAOS orthopaedic meetings

Live in-person: February 12 -
 February 16, 2024
Country/City: United States
, San Francisco, CA
Organizer by: American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons
Dental South China international expo

Dental South China International Expo

Live in-person: March 3 -
 March 6, 2024
Country/City: China
, Guangzhou
Organizer by: Guangdong International Science & Technology Exhibition Company
Medical & Lab
CACLP ivd and clinical laboratory

CACLP - In Vitro Diagnostics (IVD) and Clinical Laboratory Expo

Live in-person: March 16 -
 March 18, 2024
Country/City: China
, Chongqing city
Organizer by: GL events
MedTech and medical manufacturing
Medtec Japan Tokyo

Medtec Japan - manufacturing and design of medical devices

Live in-person: April 17 -
 April 19, 2024
Country/City: Japan
Organizer by: Medtec Japan Secretariat|Informa Markets