Sepsis Diagnostic Research Report 2024: Global Market Forecasts by Assay, Cause, Product, Lab to 2028 with Executive and Consultant Guides –

DUBLIN–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The “Sepsis Diagnostic Markets – Global Market Forecasts by Assay, by Cause, by Product, by Lab, and by Place. With Executive and Consultant Guides. 2024 – 2028” report has been added to’s offering.

The report forecasts the market size for five years. Growth comes from the basic factors related to improving levels of health care throughout the world. In addition the legacy of the pandemic has changed the playing field for respiratory infections.

Over 45 million people a year suffer from sepsis but surprisingly there is no definitive diagnosis. The race is on using all the genomic and molecular diagnostic tools that have come to the fore in the last decade. It is not clear who will be the winner, but the stakes are global and large. Emergency life saving diagnostics can command a premium price in the market. Understand the different drivers of this huge global diagnostic market and find where the opportunities lie.

Some players have already made their mark but disruptive diagnostic technology could change the playing field. Learn about this market including the issues and outlooks. The two key trends of Rapid Diagnostics and the Genomics Revolution are merging to create new diagnostic opportunities.

Key Topics Covered:

1 Market Guides

1.1 Situation Analysis

1.2 Guide for Executives and Marketing Staff

1.3 Guide for Investment Analysts and Management Consultants

2 Introduction and Market Definition

2.1 An Overview of Sepsis Diagnostics

2.1.1 Sepsis the medical emergency

2.1.2 Sepsis Diagnosis and Comorbidity

2.2 Market Definition

2.2.1 Market Size

2.2.2 Currency

2.2.3 Years

2.2.4 Microbiology

2.2.5 PCR

2.2.6 Immunoassay

2.2.7 Other Infectious Disease

2.2.8 Syndromic PoC

2.2.9 Biomarkers Molecular Diagnostics

2.2.10 Biomarkers Other

2.2.11 Limitations

2.3 Methodology

2.4 Perspective: Healthcare and the IVD Industry

2.4.1 Global Healthcare Spending

2.4.2 Spending on Diagnostics

2.4.3 Important Role of Insurance for Diagnostics

3 Sepsis – Current Science

3.1 What is Sepsis?

3.1.1 Organ Damage

3.1.2 Neonatal sepsis

3.1.3 Prognosis

3.2 Diagnosis

3.2.1 Infection Identification

3.2.2 Biomarkers

3.2.3 Differential diagnosis

3.2.4 The Cytokine Storm – Diagnostic Needs

3.3 Causes of Sepsis

3.3.1 Sepsis Progression

3.3.2 The Cytokine Storm – COVID and Other Situations

3.4 Prevalence

3.4.1 Impact of COVID on Sepsis Prevalence

4 Industry Overview

4.1 Players in a Dynamic Market

4.1.1 Academic Research Lab

4.1.2 Diagnostic Test Developer

4.1.3 Instrumentation Supplier

4.1.4 Chemical/Reagent Supplier

4.1.5 Pathology Supplier

4.1.6 Independent Clinical Laboratory

4.1.7 Public National/regional Laboratory

4.1.8 Hospital Laboratory

4.1.9 Physicians Office Lab (POLS)

4.1.10 Audit Body

4.1.11 Certification Body

5 Market Trends

5.1 Factors Driving Growth

5.1.1 Increasing Prevalence

5.1.2 Antimicrobial Resistance

5.1.3 Artificial Intelligence Impact

5.1.4 Multiplex Diagnostics Impacts

5.1.5 The Aging World

5.1.6 Developing World Impact

5.2 Factors Limiting Growth

5.2.1 The Cost Curve Shrinks the Market

5.2.2 The Diagnostics Dilemma

5.2.3 Adoption Lag and Cost Control

5.3 Instrumentation, Automation and Diagnostic Trends

5.3.1 Traditional Automation and Centralization

5.3.2 The New Automation, Decentralization and Point Of Care

5.3.3 Instruments Key to Market Share

5.3.4 Bioinformatics Plays a Role

5.3.5 PCR Takes Command

5.3.6 Next Generation Sequencing Fuels a Revolution

5.3.7 NGS Impact on Pricing

5.3.8 Whole Genome Sequencing, A Brave New World

5.3.9 Companion Diagnostics Blurs Diagnosis and Treatment

5.3.10 Shifting Role of Diagnostics

5.3.11 The Next Five Years

6 Sepsis Diagnostics – Recent Developments

6.1 Recent Developments – Importance and How to Use This Section

6.1.1 Importance of These Developments

6.1.2 How to Use This Section

6.2 Microplate Dx to Launch UTI Susceptibility Test

6.3 QC for DiaSorin’s Luminex Sepsis Tests Cleared

6.4 Cytovale IntelliSep

6.5 Prenosis to Study Sepsis in Acute Care

6.6 DiaSorin Gains CE Mark for Sepsis Assay

6.7 Cytovale to Launch Sepsis Risk-Scoring Test

6.8 Todos Medical to Offer Sepsis PCR Test

6.9 SeptiCyte RAPID Validated

6.10 Cepheid Group B Strep Test Addresses Neonatal Sepsis

6.11 DeepUll Inks Financing Deal

6.12 Sequencing-Based Approach Shows Promise for Sepsis Dx

6.13 VolitionRx Studies Cancer, Sepsis Tests

6.14 Cytovale Prepping Sepsis Test for FDA Submission

6.15 Great North R & I to Develop POC Sepsis Dx

6.16 Pathogenomix Developing Sepsis Testing Platform

6.17 Gradientech Launches Study of AST System

6.18 Sepsis Test Developers Accelerate Plans

6.19 Immunexpress Receives Clearance for Sepsis Assay

6.20 Prenosis, Roche Partner on Sepsis Detection

6.21 Presymptom Health Developing Test for Sepsis

6.22 Ortho Clinical Diagnostics Interleukin-6 Reagent Pack

6.23 Cytovale to Enter Sepsis Testing Market

6.24 Baebies Awarded $11.6M to Develop Diagnostic Platform to ID Sepsis

6.25 Personalized Medicine in Sepsis

6.26 Point-of-care Device Can Diagnose Sepsis in 30 Minutes

6.27 SpeeDx Developing Respiratory Virus Host-Response Test

6.28 Scanogen Developing Blood Infection Test with Sepsis Application

6.29 Inflammatix Developing New Sepsis Dx

6.30 Immunexpress, Biocartis to Roll Out Sepsis Test

6.31 Sepset Biosciences Using COVID-19 Patient Samples to Validate Sepsis Test

6.32 Immunexpress to Develop Sepsis Test

6.33 DNAe Developing POC Sequencing for Sepsis

6.34 NGS technique offers quick, accurate diagnosis of Sepsis

6.35 Portable device diagnoses sepsis faster

7 Profiles of Key Companies

7.1 Abbott Laboratories

7.2 Abionic

7.3 Accel Diagnostics

7.4 Accelerate Diagnostics

7.5 ADT Biotech

7.6 Anatolia Geneworks

7.7 Axis-Shield Diagnostics Ltd

7.8 Baebies

7.9 Beckman Coulter Diagnostics

7.10 Becton, Dickinson and Company

7.11 Biocartis

7.12 BioFire Diagnostics (bioMerieux)

7.13 bioMerieux Diagnostics

7.14 Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc.

7.15 Bruker

7.16 Cube Dx

7.17 Curetis N.V./Curetis GmbH

7.18 Cytovale

7.19 Deepull Diagnostics

7.20 DNAe

7.21 EKF Diagnostics Holdings

7.22 GeneFluidics

7.23 GenMark Dx (Roche)

7.24 Grifols

7.25 Immunexpress

7.26 Inflammatix

7.27 LightDeck Diagnostics

7.28 Linear Diagnostics

7.29 Luminex Corp (DiaSorin)

7.30 Mobidiag (Hologic)

7.31 NanoDx

7.32 Nanomix

7.33 Qiagen

7.34 Response Biomedical

7.35 Roche Molecular Diagnostics

7.36 SeLux Diagnostics

7.37 Septec

7.38 Siemens Healthineers

7.39 Sphingotec

7.40 T2 Biosystems

7.41 Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc

7.42 Vela Diagnostics

8 Sepsis Global Diagnostic Markets Overview

8.1 Sepsis Diagnostics – Global Market Overview by Country

8.2 Global Sepsis Diagnostics Markets Overview by Assay

8.3 Global Sepsis Diagnostics Markets Overview by Cause

8.4 Global Sepsis Diagnostics Markets Overview by Product

8.5 Global Sepsis Diagnostics Markets Overview by Lab

8.6 Global Sepsis Diagnostics Markets Overview by Place

9 Sepsis Diagnostic Market – by Assay

9.1 Sepsis Diagnostic – Microbiology

9.2 Sepsis Diagnostic – PCR

9.3 Sepsis Diagnostic – Immunoassay

9.4 Sepsis Diagnostic – Infectious Disease Other

9.5 Sepsis Diagnostic – Biomarker MDx

9.6 Sepsis Diagnostic – Biomarker Other

10 Global Sepsis Diagnostics Markets – By Cause

10.1 Sepsis Diagnostic – GastroIntestinal

10.2 Sepsis Diagnostic – Respiratory COVID-19

10.3 Sepsis Diagnostic – Respiratory Other

10.4 Sepsis Diagnostic – Neonatal

10.5 Sepsis Diagnostic – Other Cause

11 Global Sepsis Diagnostics Markets – By Product

11.1 Sepsis Diagnostic – Instrumentation

11.2 Sepsis Diagnostic – Consumables

11.3 Sepsis Diagnostic – Software & Service

12 Global Sepsis Diagnostics Markets – By Lab

12.1 Sepsis Diagnostic – In Lab

12.2 Sepsis Diagnostic – Point of Care

13 Global Sepsis Diagnostics Markets – By Place

13.1 Sepsis Diagnostic – Hospital

13.2 Sepsis Diagnostic – Other Place

14 Appendices

14.1 United States Medicare System: Clinical Laboratory Fees Schedule

14.2 The Most Used IVD Assays

14.3 The Highest Grossing Assays

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