How ViVE is shaping the startup health culture

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How ViVE is shaping the startup health culture

Startups are encountering a wide range of difficulties in this quickly changing economic environment, which is putting an end to years consecutively of unprecedented prosperity. The importance of ViVE and HLTH as a thriving expenditure marketplace and go-to location for possibilities for development has increased as a result of the closure of conventional channels.


A Launchpad for Inspire Industry Transformation is offered by ViVE. The ViVE program will produce game-changing concepts in a motivating environment. Participate in conversations with higher-ups and executives while being inspired by our varied selection of powerful motivational speakers and learning opportunities. Become familiar with the entrepreneurial visionaries who are revolutionizing medical services and technologies.

ViVE is prepared to offer one more special event experience focused on medical information technology (IT) development and organizational change, establishing the success of its initial launch in 2022. ViVE brings together leaders in the field of healthcare. Through carefully chosen connections, unique attendee journeys, and forward-thinking programming, ViVE will also offer a fun engagement atmosphere to foster growth opportunities.

ViVE facilitates effective networking through concierge-style meetings that are quick and convenient, giving you unmatched exposure to leaders and managers in the healthcare IT industry.

The most accomplished figures in medical technology from the private and public sectors will congregate at ViVe. These speakers are recognized as representatives of creative thinking who possess the insights and expertise to give business executives like you the knowledge you require to succeed in the healthcare industry.

  • The extensive line-up of powerful, thought-leading speakers and training programs will motivate and educate you.
  • Using curated discussions, a logical exhibit level, topic-based structures, networking opportunities, and more, you can find the appropriate people and responses.
  • Take advantage of an organized, persona-specific attendee path to find pertinent topics and programs that are created especially for you.
  • Join like-minded friends, peers, professionals, and suppliers for thought-provoking discussions in inspiring settings.
  • Participate in programs that have an effect and emphasis on reducing institutionalized ineffectiveness in the medical industry and promoting inclusion, equality, and diversity.

Highlighting the StartUp Health Pavilion, which features their global profile of Health Transformers. Live discussions with CEOs, financiers, and industry thought leaders are conducted in the StartUp Health Studio. StartUp Health Programming now includes an exclusive chance to learn about Medicaid innovation for business owners, among other things.

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