Align Technology Promotes Importance of Digital Dentistry for Interdisciplinary Orthodontics

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Dubai, United Arab Emirates – 23 February, 2022: Align Technology, Inc. (“Align”) (Nasdaq: ALGN) a leading global medical device company that designs, manufactures, and sells the Invisalign system of clear aligners, iTero intraoral scanners, and exocad CAD/CAM software for digital orthodontics and restorative dentistry, has reinforced its commitment to dental professionals in the region with its presence at the 16th Annual Conference of the Saudi Orthodontic Society as a platinum sponsor of the event.

Taking place at Crown Plaza Hotel in Riyadh, KSA from 24th – 27th February 2022, the annual conference is set to highlight the importance of ‘Interdisciplinary Orthodontics’, and will bring together more than 500 individuals from the orthodontic industry including doctors, lab practitioners, and industry partners.

Over the course of the conference, a range of lectures, panel discussions and workshops will take place, focused on topics that promote interdisciplinary orthodontics, and interdisciplinary collaboration.

“In line with the regional vision to support digital transformation, the region has been on an upward trajectory for mass innovation, which was further catalysed during the past two years worldwide. The 16th SOS Annual Conference will serve as a much-needed platform for leveraging the digital technologies that will move us toward the future of dentistry, as well as foster more collaboration between the different specialties in the field.

The digitisation of the dental sector is upon us, and this entails the improvement of digital practices for doctors as well as the delivery of higher quality treatment for patients.” said Angelo Maura, General Manager Middle East & Africa at Align Technology.

“Our work in the orthodontic field includes a lot of future planning for patients in which we propose the different outcomes that can be achieved through traditional treatment methods. This planning often requires collaboration with other dental specialities including a prosthodontist and a periodontist as well. Today’s technologies and advancements of digital dentistry allow for this collaboration to take place, which increases the quality of patient treatment.

Bringing expert dental practitioners together from across the region, the SOS 16th Annual Conference aims to highlight the importance of interdisciplinary and collaborative dentistry. This is the future of best practice, and will ensure dental practitioners across the region are working together to deliver more holistic treatment.” Dr Mohamad Al Harbi, President of SOS.

Align Technology will be hosting two key events during the conference, focused on driving interdisciplinary orthodontics through the use of digital technologies. One of these will be a lecture Dr. Waddah Sabouni, discussing ‘Alternative Approaches to Orthognathic Surgery with Clear Aligners‘ on 26th of February at from 9am-9.45am.

Dr. Waddah Sabouni is an Orthodontist specialist, who is a member of the French Orthodontic Society, American Orthodontic Society, World Orthodontic Society, board member of the French Aligner Society and speaker for European Align Society.  He is also international speaker for Align Technology, and winner of the Align Technology International Research Awards in 2015.

The lecture will be covering the management of orthognathic surgery cases within the Invisalign system, explaining different approaches to the timing of the surgery within orthodontic treatment. Addtionally, Dr. Sabouni will be sharing his perspective on the differences, benefits and considerations between the alternative approaches.

Another key event being hosted by Align Technology will be a four-hour long workshop, also by Dr. Waddah Sabouni, on ‘Aligner Treatment: Possibilities and Considerations’. Taking place 27th of February from 2pm-6pm, the workshop will explore the broad aspects of the applicability of clear aligners within the orthodontic practice, including the scope of malocclusions that can be treated with aligners, as well as different interdisciplinary treatments such as cases with periodontal considerations, pre-prosthetic or pre-restorative treatments.

Ahead of the conference, Align Technology announced its most recent innovations in the region, including the technology-enhancing digital capabilities and convenience, designed to enhance Invisalign treatment planning quality, efficiency, and scale, and contribute to a better doctor-patient engagement and treatment outcomes.

These latest updates include Align Technology’s ClinCheck Live Update for 3D controls, enabling real-time ClinCheck treatment plan modifications that improve practice productivity, while also improving quality of treatment plans. Align Technology also announced its Invisalign Personalized Plan (IPP) – an innovation that automatically applies a doctor’s specific treatment preferences for comprehensive cases, enhancing efficiency and step-changing treatment planning consistency for optimal doctor and patience experience.

The Invisalign Practice App has also seen a significant upgrade, now providing mobile integration with the Invisalign Doctor Site (IDS), enabling doctors to manage their practice at their fingertips.

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