Application of Novel Digital Tools in Healthcare Industry

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Application of Novel Digital Tools in Healthcare Industry

Digital healthcare tools have become an integral part of healthcare industry since the pandemic. It is helpful for the patients, healthcare providers and healthcare organization.

Some of these digital technologies include video consultations, telemedicine, artificial powered assistants for patient customer support, and wearable devices for monitoring vitals. Here are the novel digital tools that have revolutionized the entire way patient care was delivered previously.

AI-powered assistance, patient portals and apps can accomplish various tasks that can be categorized into medical and administrative, including assessment of symptoms, illness severity, and scheduling appointments and billings.

  • Triage
  • Assistance with specialist referrals
  • Medical library navigation
  • Telemedicine options
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Call Centers
  • Invoice inquiries
  • Consultation with a doctor
  • Pre-visit advice
  • Pre-lab guidelines

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

AI powered automation has become widely popular as it improves efficiency, drives productivity, and reduces cost by minimizing dependency on human resources.

Robotic process automation helps to manage several healthcare facilities such as:

  • Scheduling doctors and nursing staffs
  • Providing beds to patients at time of crisis
  • Maintenance of patient records
  • Schedule patient appointment and treatment procedures
  • Management of patient treatment records
  • Set reminders for patient’s visits
  • Automate reports

Digital technology in EHR interoperability

Over the past few years, the healthcare sector has seen an increased shift to electronic records from its previous paper-based health records. Growth in technology and advocacy of the Institute of Medicine in the United States are the main factors responsible for this shift. Studies have shown a wide variation in successful implementation of digital interventions in different parts of the world. Effective adoption of interoperable electronic health records (EHRs) will allow easy and faster exchange of patient’s medical information across different health setting.

A remarkable progress in EHRs interoperability has been achieved over the past decade. In the current scenario, majority of the healthcare organizations and clinicians can exchange patient’s data such that 87% of patients have reported increased accessibility to their medical records. As a result of increased adoption of EHRs and health information exchange (HIE) there has been a rise in the volume of data exchange.

Data analytics in medical research

Digital technology is depending on big data and analytics for conducting various clinical trials. Pharmaceutical research involves collection and data processing from different parts of the world. In current times, many established companies are performing virtual clinical trials, and performing drug and vaccine efficacy based on AI-driven data and analytics. This in-depth knowledge is enabling researchers to find solutions for challenging medical conditions.

Advanced diagnostic technology

Novel diagnostic tools are helping providers to combat disease and illness. Advanced diagnostic technology has created some breakthrough innovations utilizing machine learning, artificial intelligence, deep learning models, and blockchain technologies.
During pandemic assessment of patient samples was performed and digital tools helped to generate automated tests and distribution.


There is a close association between the use of information technology in healthcare sector and healthcare outcomes. We need to understand the significance of digital tools, notably, how it affects the overall performance of healthcare organization. A standardized approach and good evaluation models are required to limit the complexity of system. 

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