What is continuous glucose monitoring?

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CGM -system of continuous glucose monitoring on child's arm

Concentrations of insulin are regularly monitored by constant glucose monitoring both during the day and at night. Your blood sugar level is always visible at a look. To spot patterns, you can also observe how your insulin levels fluctuate over just a few hours or days. Your ability to manage your diet, exercise, and medications on a daily basis will improve if you can monitor your insulin levels in real-time.

What are the benefits of continuous glucose monitoring?

Only a quick “snapshot” of your insulin content at one specific time is given by a glucometer. You can see more of your sugar fluctuations using a CGM device. At critical times throughout the day, like prior to and during physical activity, before driving, before taking a test or exam, and in the late hours of the night, CGM can offer useful information.

How does a continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) work?

A tiny sensor that is commonly implanted under the skin on the abdomen or arm is how a CGM functions. Your interstitial sugar levels or the sugar present in the intercellular liquid are measured by the detector. Every so often, the device senses the insulin. The data is wirelessly transmitted from a transmitter to a screen. You may carry the screen in your bag or pocket as a separate thing or as a component of an insulin pump. Some CGMs deliver data immediately to a tablet or smartphone.

Clinical trials

A recent study evaluated the success rate of regularly scanned blood glucose tracking to the person tracking of blood glucose concentrations with fingerstick diagnostics in a concurrent, cohort, randomly chosen, controlled study that included respondents with diabetes type 1 and glycated hemoglobin concentrations between 7.5% and 11.0%. Arbitrarily, 156 respondents were split into two groups: those who underwent regularly detected constant insulin tracking (the intervention group, which included 78 people) and those who used fingerstick monitoring to check their own sugar levels were included (the usual-care group, 78 participants). Individuals with type one diabetes and elevated glycated hemoglobin levels saw substantially reduced glycated hemoglobin concentrations while using periodically detected constant insulin tracking with selectable alerts for excessive and poor blood sugar.

Recent developments

Dexcom G7: The Most Powerful continuous glucose monitoring(CGM) on the Market

With the aid of the Dexcom G7, users may easily and effectively take a charge of their diabetes, improving their daily management of the condition. Its discreet, all-in-one gear heats up more quickly compared to any other CGM on the market,sending real-time measurements to a connected smart device or transmitter instantly, without the need for uncomfortable finger sticksor time-consuming monitoring. In the UK, Germany, Ireland, Hong Kong, and Austria, the Dexcom G7 Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) System has become accessible to diabetics aged two and upwards, representing the first significant development in the technology’s accessibility.

The experimentally demonstrated ability of Dexcom CGM to decrease A1C and lessen hyper- and hypoglycemia is the foundation upon which Dexcom G7 expands. Its user-customizable alarms can allow users to stay longer in the spectrum by alerting them to lower or higher insulin readings. Users may keep in touch with their family members and caregivers wherever they are thanks to industry-leading remote tracking and alerting features.

What are the limits of a continuous glucose monitoring(CGM)?

Scientists are striving to enhance the usage and accuracy of CGMs. But to compare the precision of your CGM to a conventional blood glucose meter, you still must perform a finger-stick sugar test twice daily.

You still can’t make medical choices solely based on the CGM for the majority of CGM models. For instance, you need to verify a CGM result with a finger-stick insulin check before adjusting your dosage.

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