Ablaze Pharma Aligned The Strategic Agreement With Wenjiang District Government of Chengdu to Build-up the Innovative R&D and Manufacturing Center for Targeted Radiopharmaceutical Therapies

SHANGHAI, Aug. 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — In July 2022, Ablaze Pharma and Wenjiang District Government of Chengdu jointly signed the strategic agreement during the Conference of Major Advanced Manufacturing Projects by Foreign Direct Investment. About 26,000㎡ of industrial land is selected in the Chengdu Medical City, with an initial investment of 100 million USD to build-up an innovative R&D and manufacturing center for targeted radiation therapies, where five anti-tumor varieties are under research at present, varying from Ac-225 to Lu-177. Ablaze Pharma intends to introduce the world-class innovative targeted radiopharmaceutical therapies (TRT) product designs and clinical experiences into Wenjiang District and jointly building-up the industrial chains of innovative radioactive targeted drug together with the industrial advantages of Wenjiang District.

“We are deeply impressed by the strong support and recognition to the newly emerging targeted radiopharmaceutical enterprises from the Wenjiang District Government in the city of Chengdu,” said Dr. Alex Qiao, President and CEO of Ablaze Pharmaceuticals, “Ablaze hopes to work with other companies in the park to build an ecosystem of targeted radiopharmaceuticals from early discovery to commercialization with the help of the resource advantages in nuclear science and technologies in Sichuan Province, and to promote the future development and progress of radiopharmaceutical drugs in China.”

“Welcome and congratulations to Ablaze Pharma for the deployment of the R&D and manufacturing center in Chengdu Medical City. In next step, Chengdu Medical City will strengthen the investments and talent attractions to optimize the business environment for synergies to Ablaze Pharma and more industrials so as to build-up the leading highland of the domestic radiopharmaceutical industry. ” Li Zhang, Deputy Head Of The Management Committee Of Chengdu Medical City, Head Of The Investment Promotion Bureau said.

News Link by Chengdu Medical City: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/frJQFIrHGFl6zQHAccos7A

About Chengdu Medical City

Sichuan Province is an important base of nuclear industries of China, with national and provincial radioisotope and drug industry-academia platforms such as the National Engineering Research Center for isotopes and drugs, the Radioisotope And Drug R&D Center, and the Provincial Radioisotope Engineering Technology Research Center. These platforms form a collaborative and shared development with the layout of the pharmaceutical track in Chengdu Medical City, which can also enhance the synergies and collaborations of the academic and industrial chains between upstream and downstream. Chengdu Medical City has proactively made precise efforts to its radiopharmaceutical layouts, integrating the advantages of nuclide supplies, drug deliveries and R&D services, so as to accelerate the development of radiopharmaceutical industry in high efficiency and to gradually develop into the upland for radiopharmaceutical industrial hubs of integrated R&Ds, productions and applications.

About Ablaze Pharmaceuticals

Founded in 2021, Ablaze Pharmaceuticals is a clinical-stage pharmaceutical company with a mission to bring advanced targeted radiopharmaceutical therapies (TRT) to benefit cancer patients in China. Since its inception, Ablaze Pharma has secured a partnership with RayzeBio, Inc., an innovative radiopharmaceutical company based in San Diego CA, to gain exclusive development and commercial right to a series of RayzeBio’s products in the greater China region. Leveraging its team’s extensive business experience and network in cross-border product development and deal making, Ablaze Pharma strives to become the leader and the partner of choice in the emerging TRT market in China by working with strategic business partners in both China and abroad.  For more information, please visit www.ablazepharma.com.


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