First Mover of Global Trade Index Based On Biome Molecule, Kwanyoung Park of AndKwan Natural Science

Creating world-class innovation by redefining how international standards are established with eco-friendly bio materials and a system. Patent registration for one-stop system from procurement of raw materials and golden time orders from all over the world to search for optimal routes for manufacturing and distribution

SEOUL, South Korea, Nov. 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Kwanyoung Park, CEO of AndKwan Natural Science, Inc. which is a bio targeted technology company located in South Korea, and White Tiger Ground which is a natural science-based bio and artificial intelligence technology company located in South Korea and New York, announced that she has developed the world’s first global smart manufacturing system, that is linked to the establishment of global trade index and international standards based on biomaterials, directly being connected to the global market.

KWANYOUNG PARK, Technology developer and CEO

This system, called Organic net™, analyzes and classifies the structure of compounds in which atoms are combined through elemental basic pure substances, and digitizes the entire process from prototype creation to mass production, distribution, logistics, and even sales, marketing, not only to sellers like companies, individuals but also to final consumers. It is an integrated system that is digitized and managed through deep learning algorithms.

CEO Park explained that she developed it by traveling around the world for approximately 10 years from 2010 to 2020, and completed patent registration in Korea and application for PCT around the world. After creating this hypothesis in 2010, CEO Park went to the UK as a metropolitan country with a multinational population, aiming to refine the theory. In 2015, Park set China as the first target country to test her hypothesis. This is because China had the most active manufacturing orders and trade in almost every industry in the world. In addition, as a wide variety of natural resources were abundant, it was easy to obtain various raw materials and apply them to many kinds of product lines. CEO Park stayed at manufacturing plants in almost all industries in China and analyzed the realistic, entire industrialization line from finding appropriate natural resources and applying raw materials to manufacturing, distribution, logistics, and even sales and marketing.

Through the global smart manufacturing system, called Organic net™, it is possible to quickly identify and place orders for remaining inventory of necessary products, raw materials, etc. around the world. Additionally, it is also possible to analyze the logistics system, and to transport to Asian and Western countries with checking regulations for each target country. It is an effective system that not only provides the optimal price and transportation route from procurement to manufacturing, production, and distribution, but also secures appropriate information through second-by-second measurement of variables such as exchange rates and market prices during the golden time for purchase, and enables automatic ordering and supply.

In addition to reviewing country-specific regulations, automatic creation of international standardization is also possible through indicator analysis designed through this system. CEO Kwanyoung Park , who developed this technology, said, “In Korea in 2018, when I announced the integrated international standardization system for all industries at the first time, people were unfamiliar with that, thinking the international standardization could only apply to the electronics field. People from other countries also had the same reaction, which was unfamiliar at the time. But, now it has been possible not only for the electronics field, but also for biome molecule-based raw materials fields, and others too. I want to lead the entire industry in redefining international standardization with one system for everything: materials, production indicators, regulatory approval indicators, manufacturing, distribution, sales and marketing indicators, etc.” she said.

Most importantly, CEO Kwanyoung Park emphasized that “Through this technology, we will lead global international standards in all industries, especially for the purpose of converting existing chemical processes into eco-friendly biological processes in all product lines, creating a world filled with materials and objects that are beneficial to both the global environment and people. “she said.

To realize that goal, from 2019 to 2023, CEO Park researched fundamental biomaterials and has developed a new material named WTGPhLA™, which can be used in a variety of ways, from antibiotics to antibacterial and preservatives as well as semiconductors and biodegradable polymer plastics through high and low molecules. The newly developed material, ‘WTGPhLA™’, also called ‘Immune barrier cell™’, was not only patented as a new material, but also as an eco-friendly bioprocess technology that can reduce costs through the world’s best high-yield production technology and can minimize carbon emissions.

CEO Park announced that she plans to produce eco-friendly products by applying this new material, WTGPhLA™ in various industries, distribute them around the world, and establish international standards through the global smart manufacturing system, called Organic net™.

As the first example of use to transform all products and production processes on the planet into eco-friendly ones for both people and the environment, CEO Park is conducting a project using the Organic net™ system in conjunction with WTHPhLA™.

CEO Park said that “After developing the world’s best patented technology, more and more people are paying attention to our company’s products and technology not only domestically but also overseas, such as in the United States and Europe. We are looking forward to market expansion and mutual growth through partnerships with global manufacturing companies and brands with a common mission to create a sustainable Earth.”

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