Gerresheimer AG and Stevanato Group present EZ-fill Smart™, a new and innovative Ready-To-Fill Vial Platform

DÜSSELDORF, Germany and PIOMBINO DESE, Italy, Nov. 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Gerresheimer AG, a leading global provider of healthcare & beauty and drug delivery systems for pharma, biotech and cosmetics and Stevanato Group S.p.A., a global provider of drug containment, drug delivery and diagnostic solutions to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and life sciences industries, announced today at CPhl Worldwide the official launch of a new and innovative ready-to-use (RTU) vial platform, EZ-fill Smart™, a solution designed to improve drug packaging quality, reduce total cost of ownership (TCO), and shorten lead times for customers.

The companies have implemented process and product changes that can offer substantial improvements for customers. The EZ-fill Smart™ platform leverages increased automation throughout the manufacturing process to increase productivity and reduce human errors. The optimized platform features no glass-to-glass and no glass-to-metal contact, which improves quality and integrity of the vials throughout the product life cycle. The companies have redesigned the secondary packaging, which can yield a significant reduction of particle risks during customers’ operations, delivering improved quality.

The new EZ-fill Smart™ now offers the market a sterilization method that is more environmentally friendly compared to traditional Ethylene Oxide (EtO) sterilization, and that is an alternative sterilization method that can result in improved safety. Intended to be suited for primary packaging solutions in use with highly sensitive drugs, it also incorporates guidelines given by regulatory bodies supporting the current direction to replace EtO sterilization.

EZ-fill Smart™ with Nest & Tub configuration, including process and product optimization, is expected to be available for the commercial phase during the first half of 2024. By mid-2023 the new solution is expected to be available to customers for initial validation. EZ-fill Smart™ with tray configuration for high volume, is expected to be available on the market during the first half of 2024.

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