Luvme Cares for Women’s Health in Alopecia & Breast Cancer Themed Charity Events

Luvme Cares for Women's Health in Alopecia & Breast Cancer Themed Charity Events

NEW YORK, Nov. 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Luvme Hair, a leading brand in the wig industry in North America, invited her customers to participate in a series of events across her social media communities to raise awareness for alopecia, illness-induced hair loss, and breast cancer. Enlightened and inspired by the customers’ true and spirit-lifting stories, the brand donated $5,000 to the American Cancer Society in the name of “Luvme Customers”.

Alopecia areata and hair loss – which can be caused by an illness, a number of stressors, or cancer treatments like chemotherapy – and breast cancer are affecting millions and millions of women all over the world. Victims of these conditions often also suffer from further anxiety or loss of self-confidence on top of the physical conditions they already have to endure.

Many ladies would turn to people of similar conditions or caring communities to seek solace and encouragement. In Luvme’s online communities, long have her customers been using the communities to show support to each other against various hardships and difficulties. Their affectionate spirits are aligned with Luvme’s founding aspirations to make all women of the world feel loved and empowered.

In Alopecia Awareness Month (September), 2022, Luvme invited her beloved customers to take part in a series of events to raise awareness for alopecia and pledged to make a special donation based on their participation. The event ignited much enthusiasm among Luvme’s sisters, and they shared loads of hair tips, inspiring stories, scientific facts, as well as heartfelt words of encouragement and support.

Poster of #alopeciawarrior event (left) and one of the customers’ posts in Luvme Hair’s Facebook group (right).

Inspired by the loving ambiance, the customers’ enthusiasm continued.

During Breast Cancer Awareness Month (Oct), 2022, Luvme’s sisters were encouraged to show support to each other in her communities. Some customers wore pink to raise awareness for this severe illness. Others shared medical information and cheerful notes to sisters who survived or were still fighting the illness. The optimism and compassion were especially compelling.

Poster of #breastcancer event (left) and one of the customers’ posts in Luvme Hair’s Facebook group.

In the end, the invigorating participation led to a donation valued at more than $1,100. Motivated by the enthusiasm, Luvme Hair extended the goodwill of her customers and donated $5,000 to the American Cancer Society in the name of “Luvme Customers” to honor them.

“We are honored to support the incredible resources the American Cancer Society provides to patients, and we look forward to spreading out Luvme’s kindheartedness and love to as many ladies as we can,” says Michael, General Director of Luvme Hair, “and keep invoking and fueling the blazing fire within their hearts.”

About Luvme Hair

As a leading developer and manufacturer of 100% human hair premium quality wigs, Luvme Hair is dedicated to empower women of the world and make beauty easy and effortless for them. The company sees “caring for women’s mental and physical health and encouraging them to find confidence and beauty” a core corporate social responsibility (CSR).

The alopecia and breast cancer themed events are examples of Luvme’s consistent and continuous efforts to fulfill that aspiration and CSR.

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