MEDICA 2022 Newcomer: Scivita Medical celebrates trade show success and the strategy of “globalization”

MEDICA 2022 Newcomer: Scivita Medical celebrates trade show success and the strategy of "globalization"

DUSSELDORF, Germany, Nov. 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Medical technology company Scivita Medical Technology Co., Ltd. (“Scivita Medical”) looks back on an exciting week at the trade fair. Scivita Medical was able to announce a strategic cooperation with FUJIFILM Europe B.V. (“Fujifilm”) at this year’s MEDICA, in addition to presenting their innovative endoscopes and medical imaging technology. Under a supply and distribution agreement, Fujifilm is the exclusive distributor responsible for the sales and business expansion of Scivita Medical’s disposable bronchoscope videoscopes in several key countries in Europe.

Scivita Medical is a global medical technology company for minimally invasive diagnostic, establishing R&D centers in both China and Japan. Besides, Scivita Medical has obtained FDA-/CE- and PDMA-certifications for their products and applied patents in China as well as overseas. The company aims to increase market penetration with excellent products and be the preferred brand trusted by doctors and patients around the world through the continuous improvement of its core technologies.

MEDICA 2022 Scivita Medical’s booth

Revolutionizing medical technology

Driven by the goal of integrating research and development in medical technology, Scivita Medical is cooperating with many clinics and medical centers. Scivita Medical pursues the approach of globalization and wants to supply clinics and doctors all over the world with its innovative products. Due to the high-quality standards and their strong networking and partnerships with leading hospitals and industry, Scivita Medical has already achieved many successes. Last week, Scivita Medical signed strategic cooperation agreement with Shanghai First Maternity and Infant Hospital, which is one of the earliest provincial and municipal maternal and child health centers in China, to build up a Gynecological Endoscopic Diagnosis and Treatment Joint Innovation Center.

With solid in-house R&D capabilities, Scivita Medical has built a unique technology platform based on five synergistic core technologies: 4K UHD medical imaging technology, Fluorescence medical imaging technology, 3D medical imaging technology, Ultrathin Endoscopic imaging technology and Single-use Endoscopic technology. With its comprehensive portfolio of endoscope products, Scivita Medical aims to cover all types of endoscopic procedures and meet various medical needs in this field.

Scivita Medical’s single-use endoscope family shown at MEDICA 2022

Scivita Medical’s products covers both flexible and rigid endoscopy, as well as single-use and reusable endoscopes. Thanks to its cutting-edge technology, Scivita Medical’s products can deliver unique advantages in the field of medical endoscopy. For example, it is the only company that obtained FDA approvals for both its 4K UHD imaging system and 4K UHD endoscopes.

Scivita Medical’s endoscope imaging system shown at MEDICA 2022

MEDICA 2022: A complete success

With its appearance at MEDICA 2022 in Düsseldorf, Scivita Medical was able to show that its technologies, such as its 3D Visualization System, its 4K UHD endoscopes or its 4K UHD fluorescence imaging system and single-use endoscopes family, among others, are important technical tools in the diagnosis of diseases.

MEDICA 2022: Scivita Medical’s endoscope imaging system

“For us, the focus is always on the patients, for whom we want to provide optimal care. Accordingly, MEDICA 2022 was a complete success for us. We were able to convince trade fair participants of the quality of our products,” said Michael Li, Vice President of International Marketing & Sales. “Furthermore, we were able to learn a lot about competitor products, and despite a really high and strong competition, we are sure that we will be able to play a decisive role in the European MedTech market in the coming years due to the quality of our products,” Mr. Li continued.

MEDICA 2022: visitor experiences Scivita Medical’s 4K UHD endoscopes

Strategic cooperation confirmed to further drive globalization

Scivita Medical’s single-use broncho videoscope is a flexible disposable endoscope with many advantages. Compared to conventional reusable endoscopes, single-use endoscopes (also known as disposable endoscopes) are designed to meet the growing demands of mitigating the risks of cross-contamination and hospital-acquired diseases, therefore enhancing patient safety. Their disposable nature frees healthcare practitioners from having to sterilize the used endoscope after each operation, thereby enabling back-to-back procedures and improving diagnosis and treatment efficiency. Disposable endoscopes are one of the major researches and development focuses in the field of endoscopy. Particularly amid the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic, single-use endoscopes are the first choice for the clinical departments of respiratory. Also, according to Frost & Sullivan, the global market value for medical endoscopes was approximately $20.3 billion in 2020 and continues to grow rapidly. * By collaborating with Fujifilm Europe, Scivita Medical secures a strategic competitive advantage over other brands, which means that an increased presence from the young company from China can also be expected in the coming years.

About Scivita Medical

Founded in 2016, Scivita Medical is a medical device company that provides minimally invasive diagnosis and treatment solutions, and focuses on the research, development and commercialization of medical endoscopes and related products. Scivita Medical takes ‘Globalization’ as its core strategy and has established R&D centers both in China and Japan. With solid in-house R&D capabilities, Scivita Medical has established a unique technology platform built upon five synergistic core technologies and built a comprehensive portfolio of endoscope products and products candidates covering all types of endoscope procedures conducted by the various clinical departments, to address diverse medical needs. Adhering its value of ‘Clinical Focus’ ‘Collaborative Innovation’ ‘People Oriented’ ‘Excellence & Efficiency’, Scivita Medical will continuously upgrade its core technologies, improve market penetration with excellent products, and to be the preferred brand trusted by doctors and patients around the world.

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