MANILA, Philippines, Nov. 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Dr. Eugene F. Ramos, Chief Executive Officer of The Medical City (TMC), was named one of Asia’s most inspiring executives at the Asia Corporate Excellence & Sustainability Awards (ACES) 2022. The award, created to identify successful visionaries and help people learn from the success of the awardees, was given to Dr. Ramos for his leadership during the COVID-19 years, as TMC re-organized its operations to effectively handle both COVID and non-COVID patients.

With 40 years of medical and managerial experience, most of them in The Medical City, Dr. Eugene Ramos and his management team wasted no time in spearheading reforms that would lead to historical growth in the company’s history.

The Chairman of TMC, Jose Xavier ‘Eckie’ Gonzales, congratulated Dr. Ramos on his award. ‘Dr. Gene Ramos is the rare breed of physician – one who not only administers excellent care to his patients, but also to the institution that he manages. It is a well-deserved award, as I also get inspiration from his leadership.”

“Even as our country struggled to overcome the initial lack of vaccines, the lack of active healthcare workers due to quarantine and COVID infections, the unpredictable lockdown policies that paralyzed the economy and hampered everyday mobility, our teams rose to the challenge to provide quality healthcare throughout our hospital network,” narrates Dr. Ramos. “There were no buses or taxis available, so we had staff who ended up walking several kilometers, just to make sure they could report for duty.”

Although the award was given for his inspiring leadership, Dr. Ramos explains that the healthcare workers and the patients of TMC were the ones who provided him with the strength and inspiration to face the daunting challenges of the global pandemic. “There was no rule book to handle global pandemic that paralyzed our economy. No one knew what we were dealing with – some of our most senior doctors, because of their age, were put at risk, while the others were separated from their families due to quarantine and risk of infections. Our healthcare workers bravely stayed on duty, and we could do no less,” said Dr. Ramos. “The care and compassion they gave to our patients, despite the risks they faced and the fatigue they endured, was both humbling and inspiring.”

Dr. Ramos and team developed ‘one hospital-two systems’ approach, giving non-COVID patients the secure environment needed for their treatments. “This allowed our doctors and healthcare workers the safety zone they needed to ensure that their patients would get the care they needed, without fear of COVID infection,” explained Dr. Ramos.

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