PHISKIN Rolls Out Upgrade of Its One-stop High-end Medical Service System

PHISKIN Rolls Out Upgrade of Its One-stop High-end Medical Service System

SHANGHAI, Nov. 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — PHISKIN, a Chinese aesthetic medicine clinics brand, has announced a new enhancement to its one-stop high-end medical service system as part of the expansion of its healthcare business. The firm was founded in Shanghai in 2012 and pioneered the era of aesthetic medicine in mainland China by introducing the concept of minimally invasive and non-surgical cosmetic medicine to the public for the first time.

Since its establishment a decade ago, PHISKIN has opened nine aesthetic medicine clinics in first-tier cities across China. In the second half of 2022, the firm launched the technology-driven phototherapy-based premium health management brand PHIMED, which, in tandem with PHISPA, the established smart aesthetic medicine brand, served as the key drivers of and built a solid foundation for its mission of delivering a one-stop, multi-faceted, full-cycle integrated high-end medical and health service system for well-heeled women living in China’s largest cities.

“Our approach to healthcare was born out of the fact that the public has grown particularly concerned about health management with the result that demand for high-end medical services is soaring. We believe that professional and personalized health management can significantly improve the customer experience, the prognosis management and the overall quality of life. With the support of our strong and dedicated team, PHISKIN has been able to fulfill the mission of ‘creating a healthy, rich and high-quality life for our unique clientele through a full-range one-stop service system.” said Ken Huang, Founder, Chairman and CEO of PHISKIN.

Ken Huang, Founder, Chairman and CEO of PHISKIN

PHIMED: Develop a high-end health ecosystem with strong medical resources as the foundation

With the increasing demand for superior medical services from high-spending groups in mainland China, PHIMED, the healthcare management brand focused on affluent individuals living in the heart of China’s metropolises, was born. As part of its efforts to contribute to the Healthy China initiative, PHIMED linked up with a number of the world’s leading doctors and inked a strategic partnership with Shang Hai Medical Group, the first group of dermatologists to organize into a group medical practice in China, to offer services in dermatology, Chinese medicine, surgery, gynecology and other specialties.

With women’s health as the top priority, PHIMED has created a comprehensive service system grouping together the specialties for women who expect a quality health management experience, including personalized health examination, prevention of reproductive disorders, Chinese medicine for health conditioning, and physical and mental health programs directed at women. All common gynecological diseases and frequently occurring conditions can be treated at PHIMED.

At the same time, as a pioneer in the non-public medical service industry, PHIMED delivers a differentiated, holistic, and personalized medical service experience. In addition to the option of being seen and treated by doctors fluent in English and Japanese, the firm also offers one-stop services from pre-consultation to personal escorts for visitors and cooperates with leading commercial insurers to create exclusive high-end medical benefits and privileged service upgrades for high-spending consumers.

PHISPA: Combining efficacy and comfort to build a top-level skin care institution

PHISPA, PHISKIN’s new medical spa brand, opened in November 2022, with the mission of providing women with a beauty experience, based on an optimal balance between aesthetic medicine and the spa experience.

In addition to delivering progressive and effective science-based services, PHISPA also combines the latest in advanced medical equipment, medical-grade technologies and cutting-edge skincare products to provide privileged consumers with a thorough, effective, gentle and safe phototherapy skincare experience based on the three key elements of healthy skin (cleansing, moisturizing and firming).

PHISKIN clinic’s interiors

PHISKIN: Empowering an approach to the growth of the industry from multiple perspectives in line with the original aspiration of promoting intelligent aesthetics

PHISKIN has been focused on skin management and non-surgical cosmetic medicine for ten years, with a strong commitment to meeting the needs of beauty seekers, in tandem with the original mission of the brand to ‘discover beauty, manage beauty and create beauty’. The firm was named as a Trusted Chinese Non-government Medical Institution at the 2nd Annual Academic Meeting and Operational Management Summit hosted by the Dermatology Committee of the Chinese Non-government Medical Institutions Association, while advocating the Integrity Pact of the Association.

To provide more training and development opportunities to doctors who seek to continuously enhance their clinical skills in the field of aesthetic medicine, PHISKIN has established the PHISKIN Academy to offer both theoretical and practical classes and training programs to students, with the aim of forming an influential co-creation platform for aesthetics and health management serving the industry first in China and eventually throughout the whole of the Asia-Pacific region.

In line with the rapid growth of the global aesthetic medicine market, PHISKIN will continue its international expansion by integrating superior resources, establishing an industry empowerment mechanism, and leading the industry to a more diversified and intelligent future, while creating a closed-loop ecosystem for the non-surgical aesthetic medicine industry, alongside strategic upgrading and category innovation.

As a pioneering medical investment management company integrating skin anti-aging and general wellness services, the company’s healthcare management brand PHIMED, technology-driven phototherapy brand PHISPA and smart cosmetic medicine brand PHISKIN are driving the implementation of PHISKIN’s healthcare development roadmap and the creation of a comprehensive health management system, offering a full ranges of services and treatments from cosmetic appearance management to disease prevention, while advancing innovation throughout the high-end health sector.

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