Qmed Asia launches Qmed GO “Mini Clinics” to Solve Rising Employee Healthcare Costs

Qmed Asia launches Qmed GO "Mini Clinics" to Solve Rising Employee Healthcare Costs

Disrupting the medical landscape through an innovative internet-enabled clinical kiosk.

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, Aug. 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Qmed Asia launched the Qmed GO at the recent Malaysia International Retail and Franchise (MIRF) Exhibition 2022 held at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre in a bid to tackle corporate concerns on employee well-being, medical coverage, and affordability, accessibility, and standards of healthcare provided by leveraging smart IoT. Blending technology to help people, Qmed GO is among the first of its kind to reinvent mini clinics for the benefit of both employees and employers.

The interactive telehealth kiosk QmedGO on display at MRIF 2022

Formerly known as QueueMed, the company’s journey began as an appointment booking and mobile live queue system provider for the medical industry. It has since evolved and expanded its market presence in the healthcare sector. Changing the brand name from “Queue” to “Q” signifies Qmed’s commitment moving forward to provide quality healthcare solutions for all.

Qmed GO is Qmed’s latest initiative that can conduct video consultations and remote patient management in partnership with local general practitioners (GP) on a single platform.

These “mini clinics” are intended as a one-stop center for consultation and diagnosis designed to reduce overhead costs surrounding employee medical coverage. They come in three versions: Qmed GO, Qmed GO Plus, and Qmed GO Lite, which can be installed within the workplace premise. Doing so can reduce the long-term costs of engaging panel clinics for employees while providing essential healthcare services able to monitor vitals up to 16 parameters. Between patients, the booths can sanitize themselves using ultraviolet light; more thorough cleanings are provided by field maintenance staff. These features allow Qmed to address the golden triangle of healthcare: affordability, accessibility, and safety.

During patient visits, the readings and data from medical IoT devices integrated into the Qmed GO are synced directly to a cloud for medical records and prognosis. Vital signs are measured during every visit for tracking to highlight any developing health issues which are especially helpful for employees with underlying medical conditions such as hypertension and diabetes. This information is made available to patients through the Qmed patient app or the employer reference dashboard.

“Over the last two decades, employer-sponsored health plan costs have dramatically increased. Doctor visits, prescription drugs, and medical procedures have never been more expensive. While the woes of rising healthcare costs are often featured in the media, the burden this places on businesses is often overlooked,” said  Dr. Kev Lim, CEO of Qmed Asia. “We hope that our Qmed GO series can help employers adopt technological innovation to improve healthcare accessibility, quality, and efficiency in this post-pandemic world.”

For more information on the Qmed GO series and availability, visit www.qmed.asia/corporate-partnership or email [email protected].

About Qmed.Asia

Qmed Asia (formerly known as QueueMed) is a healthcare technology startup founded in 2018 by a group of doctors and engineers to assist both public and private healthcare providers with their digital health transformation.

Today, Qmed Asia serves as an all-in-one healthcare companion for both healthcare providers and patients. Healthcare providers can swiftly implement various digital health modules to improve their operational efficiency and provide value-based care for their patients. Patients can enjoy a comprehensive range of online healthcare services, from online bookings and online queueing to tele-consultations with smart IoT monitoring, to getting medical care at home.

For more information, visit www.qmed.asia

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