Shandong Proton Center Celebrates Milestone in Delivering High-Quality Proton Treatment

BEIJING, Sept. 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — On July 20, 2022, the Shandong Proton Center (SDPT) treated the first four participants enrolled in a clinical trial, marking a key milestone on the path to expanding access to advanced cancer care – including proton therapy – in China.

Proton therapy can be used to treat many of the most common types of cancer. All radiotherapy, including proton and high energy X-rays (photon), destroys cancer cells by damaging their DNA. Healthy cells can repair themselves after exposure, depending on the level of DNA damage. Proton therapy spares more healthy tissue, as a reduced radiation dose is delivered along the path before reaching the tumor and there is no exit dose.

SDPT is equipped with a Varian ProBeam® proton therapy system, and this clinical trial represents a critical step toward full clinical operation. As required by the China National Medical Products Administration (NMPA), a center of this nature must complete clinical trial activities for 47 cancer participants and submit a clinical study report in order to register the proton therapy system and begin formal operations and admission of patients.

“Our goal is to provide the most advanced proton therapy treatment for patients not only in China, but also throughout Northeast Asia,” said Professor Yu Jinming, President of Shandong Cancer Hospital & Institute. “This proton center will help advance our efforts to do this, while providing an important forum for clinical translational research.”

“I want to thank our teams for their perseverance and diligence, which enabled us to deliver the proton system on schedule despite the challenges associated with the pandemic,” Dr. Xiao Zhang, Senior Vice President & President of Oncology Systems Greater China at Varian. “We are excited to collaborate with SDPT to expand our patient impact in the region and beyond.”

SDPT is affiliated with the Shandong Cancer Hospital & Institute, a leading cancer center in China. When completed, the center will feature three treatment rooms with full 360-degree rotational gantries, as well as a fixed-beam research room. SDPT is also a member of the FlashForwardTM Consortium.

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