Shiang Ding Targets US Market With Healthy Herbal Beverage Alternatives

TAIPEI, Nov. 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Shiang Ding Food Co. (Shiang Ding), one of Taiwan’s premier food wholesalers, announced new plans to expand access to healthy, herbal tea and coffee alternatives in the US market via its Tang Ding brand of brown sugar tea bricks. This announcement comes amid an ever-growing interest in complementary and alternative medicinal solutions in the US, including in traditional Chinese medicine, from which the tea bricks draw their influence.

Brown sugar tea as herbal drink alternative and its benefits

A popular alternative is the use of brown sugar tea, a nourishing replacement for caffeinated teas and coffee. By incorporating easy-to-use brown sugar tea bricks blended with traditional Chinese medicine, consumers can enhance their health conveniently. Tang Ding’s expansion plans will give way to wider access to brown sugar tea bricks for US consumers, conveniently available for purchase to enjoy anywhere and anytime.

Brown sugar has been cited by Chinese medical knowledge as an ingredient that can help regulate the body’s inner workings and bring balance. Trace elements, including iron within the ingredient, are also believed to help maintain digestive functions and metabolism and to be beneficial for women during menstruation. Consumers can enjoy these health benefits while reducing reliance on caffeinated tea or coffee.

“Brown sugar offers plenty of benefits, and it is our foundational philosophy to share that with everyone globally,” explained founder Wu Huanyu. “Through our delicious and healthy products, I hope to convey friendliness and warmth to all corners of the world.”

The ingredients that are used undergo Tang Ding’s 12 self-made and ancient cooking methods, enhanced by modern technology like low-temperature air drying to lock flavor and nutrition in. Wu believes in strict quality control and independent management throughout the entire process, from sourcing and selecting materials to production and sales, which further increases the value of Tang Ding’s brown sugar tea bricks for consumers.

Well-established company foundation

A long-standing and well-established brand, Tang Ding has made the most of the past eight years to build on its strong foundations. The company utilizes high-quality locally sourced ingredients, such as Chinese herbal staples ginger, longan, and red dates, together with sugar cane that flourishes in both the soil and climate of Taiwan, to create the final product.

Each brown sugar tea brick is individually packaged and portioned to be in line with the capacity of most mugs on the market, making it convenient for consumers to drink and store, and there are no added saccharin, flavors, fragrance, or coloring. The product is also free of caffeine, making it a perfect healthy, herbal refreshment alternative.

Some best-selling products offered by Tang Ding include the Brown Sugar Red Dates Longan cube, the 2-in-1 Aged Ginger cube, and the Crystal Sugar Chrysanthemum Pineapple powder drink. Each possesses a different refreshing taste profile and aims to improve general health in a holistic way. To date, Tang Ding’s products are found in more than 100 stores in Taiwan, with sales of its brown sugar tea bricks hitting approximately 500,000 monthly.

To find out more about Tang Ding and its products, please visit the official website or its TaiwanTrade page.

About Tang Ding

Officially established in 2014, the conception of Tang Ding was due to founder Wu Huanyu’s desire to make it easier to maintain the health of his family. Unwilling to compromise on quality, Wu created his own brown sugar brand: Tang Ding. Utilizing high-quality herbal ingredients found in Taiwan in the cooking process enables the brand to create an authentic flavor recognized worldwide for its excellence.

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