SmartFuture’s White-label Remote Patient Monitoring Platform goes global

SINGAPORE, Sept. 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — SmartFuture’s white-label Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) platform is now being deployed successfully in 11 countries, including Singapore, Malaysia, other ASEAN countries, India and most recently, in the United States.  

According to Sumit Khemani, CEO, “We are seeing increasing adoption across markets. In Asia, providers are increasingly realizing the potential benefits of remote patient monitoring. In the US, the decision by Medicare to reimburse Remote Patient Monitoring, and now, Remote Therapy Management, is a significant driver of growth. Other countries like France are also announcing policies for reimbursement coverage of remote patient monitoring and care.”

SmartFuture’s platform addresses an ever-growing number of use cases, as healthcare providers see the value of incorporating remote care in an increasing number of healthcare settings.

Sumit says, “Our main use cases presently are chronic care management, digital clinic enablement, nursing homes, eldercare, transition care management and community health access/ screening. However, we are also piloting and deploying several newer use cases such as first responder/ emergency services, mental health, remote therapy management and remote clinical trials.”

SmartFuture’s versatile platform is white-label, customizable and HIPAA-compliant. The platform is already Integrated with 350+ connected devices and with most of the popular EMR/ EHR, claims and billing systems. The platform comes with a doctor and patient web and mobile application which displays analysed data in relevant formats and dashboards. Healthcare providers can choose different modules in a plug-and-play manner as per their requirements.

 “We constantly aspire to provide the simplest, most flexible, affordable, hassle-free RPM platform that meets healthcare provider and patient needs,” mentions Sumit. 

Apart from directly working with healthcare providers, SmartFuture also partners with insurers, insurance third-party administrators, health IT systems integrators and medical device manufacturers to jointly deliver high quality remote patient monitoring solutions.

Apart from its RPM platform, SmartFuture also offers health kiosks/ pods to enable community level health screening as well as home diagnostic testing services in select markets.  

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