United Imaging Drives Forward Several Major Innovations in Multiple Imaging Modalities

The company’s IPO and 20,000th global installation are followed by new technological innovations, in keeping with its commitments to the U.S. and other markets.

HOUSTON, Nov. 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — United Imaging, a global leader in producing advanced medical imaging and radiotherapy equipment, announced a series of commercially available and 510k pending technologies.

In its 11th year, United Imaging has continued to grow and invest at an impressive scale since its RSNA debut in 2018. In 2020 the company opened its U.S. headquarters – nearly 100,000 square feet of factory, showroom, training, and office facilities – and earlier this year it debuted in August on the Shanghai STAR exchange as the largest IPO at that point of the year.

United Imaging’s latest examples of technology investment include:

uMR OMEGA® New Innovations – Now Commercially Available in the U.S.

The company’s latest innovations for its ultra-wide bore 3T uMR OMEGA introduce artificial intelligence technology on the platform for ultra-fast exams that, with AI-Assisted Compressed Sensing (uAI® ACS), reduce scan times by up to 80% compared with Parallel Imaging. Additionally, United Imaging introduces uAI DeepRecon™, a new deep-learning-based MR reconstruction that enables users to reduce scan time and/or increase image resolution. To further enhance the “first class” patient experience with the uMR OMEGA, United Imaging also introduces QScan, a quiet scan technique that reduces scan noise by up to 97% compared to conventional scan techniques. And, patients can now experience blanket-like comfort with our new high-density SuperFlex coils that increase image quality while providing Technologists with additional clinical flexibility. All four of these newly introduced technologies can be combined to maximize clinical efficiency while delivering a quieter, more spacious, and faster MR patient experience – helping healthcare providers provide a higher level of comfort and access to their communities. As part of United Imaging’s Software Upgrades for Life™ program, its entire uMR OMEGA installed base will receive all the software features and applications of this new release at no additional charge.

uMI Panorama™ – FDA 510 (k) pending, not available for sale in the U.S.

The latest addition to United Imaging’s all-digital PET/CT portfolio is the uMI Panorama: a wide-bore, large axial field of view (FOV), 160-slice digital PET/CT system that allows for whole organ imaging within a single bed position. It will also feature artificial intelligence technologies such as the uAI® Vision 3D camera and AI PET reconstruction via uAI® HYPER DPR, a deep learning reconstruction algorithm that contains a convolutional neural network (CNN) that was trained by using exclusively uEXPLORER® PET data sets.

uCT® ATLAS 4cm – FDA 510(k) pending, not available for sale in the U.S.

United Imaging is adding to its uCT ATLAS family with a new 160-slice system with a 4-cm detector. Like its sister product, the 16 cm 640-slice uCT ATLAS, which has been installed recently in New York City and the Dallas area for example, this new 4 cm computed tomography system has a 0.25 second rotation speed and a 700 lbs. table weight capacity to accommodate more patients. It features a wide array of artificial intelligence technologies including the uAI Vision 3D camera and AI- workflow.

uMR® 680 – FDA 510(k) pending, not available for sale in the U.S.

The uMR 680 adds to the company’s high performance 1.5T magnetic resonance portfolio with an AI-empowered system that features uAI DeepRecon, a deep-learning MR reconstruction technique; EasySense , which is a non-contact vital signal sensing solution that tracks patient motion during scanning; and uAI® EasyScan, a one-click workflow solution. The system is designed with features to meet the demanding needs of acute care, including a detachable table; SuperFlex coils, blanket-style coils that conform to the patient; QScan for quiet MR imaging; and uCS (United Compressed Sensing) enhanced cardiac workflow.

United Imaging’s strategy of tight vertical integration has allowed it to innovate rapidly, without the level of supply chain issues faced by many companies during the past couple of years. “We’re also proud to say we’ve also been agile in meeting customer commitments as a result of our modern, vertical integration approach,” confirmed Jeffrey M. Bundy, Ph.D, CEO of United Imaging Healthcare Solutions. “In fact, having recently surpassed 20,000 global installations, we are very confident in our track record to date, but with a strong pipeline of new innovations that have come largely from customer input, we’re also very confident in our growth trajectory, in the U.S. and elsewhere.”

United Imaging’s leadership team is on site at RSNA 2022 in Chicago as a Silver Corporate Partner, hosting several customer events, conducting meetings in its on-site meeting suites and at its adjacent digital PET/CT in a mobile coach, and celebrating its Chief Technology Officer’s induction into the Academy of Radiology & Biomedical Imaging Research’s Council of Distinguished Investigators’ Class of 2022.


At United Imaging, we develop and produce advanced medical products, digital healthcare solutions, and intelligent solutions that cover the entire process of imaging diagnosis and treatment. Founded in 2011, our company has subsidiaries and R&D centers across the world. Our North American headquarters in Houston includes our corporate offices, factory, product showroom, service training center, and service parts distribution center. With a cutting-edge digital portfolio and a mission of Equal Healthcare for All™, we help drive industry progress and bold change. To learn more, visit united-imaging.com or follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter @UnitedImagingHC.

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