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Babi.Plus ® Bubble CPAP System

Babi.Plus ® Bubble CPAP System

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1. Pressure Limited System (PLS) Valve: a safe guard to the pressure level in the circuit or bubble CPAP system. The fixed pressure limiting valve releases pressure when it is exceeding the preset level for patient’s safety. PLS Valve is intended for use on pre-terms, terms and infants less than 10 Kg during continuous gas flow therapy up to 12 liters per minute. Each valve comes with a pressure-relief valve, a gas supply line and a capped oxygen sensor port.

2. Bubble PAP Valve: it provides a continuous positive airway pressure to pre-terms, terms and infants weighing less than 10 kg for spontaneously breathing.

3. nCPAP Cannula Kit: it provide an effective way of gas delivery, and is uniquely designed to provide stability and safety during treatment. Each kit includes a silicone prong, a nBonnet, two 20 cm collapsible color-coded circuits (blue for inhale and transparent for exhale) and two silicone adaptors.

4. Single Heated Wire Bubble CPAP Circuit: it contains heated inspiratory limb designed specifically for use with Babi.Plus® Bubble CPAP system.

5. Dual Heated Wire Bubble CPAP Circuit: it contains both heated inspiratory limb and heated expiratory limb, designed specifically for use with Babi.Plus® Bubble CPAP system.

6. nBubble CPAP Prong: it is made of super soft silicone material to minimize skin irritation. Each nBubble CPAP Prong Kit includes a prong, two elbow connectors, one port elbow connector with a cap and two silicone adaptors.

7. nBonnet: it is designed to secure the side-stream CPAP delivery system. With elastic strap fixtures and open top design, nBonnet is able to reduce up & down movement and to accommodate more head shapes.


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