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Biofit AI+ Smart Exercise Equipment

Biofit AI+ Smart Exercise Equipment

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  • AI Personal Training Course
  • Heart Rate Warning System
  • AI Robot Report
  • Expert Review in Cloud Platform
  • Historical Training Data Synchronized to APP
  • Hydraulic Strength Configured by AI Robot
  • Description

    Users can check training strength, reps, speed and heart rate on Exercise Machine. Our equipment can store users’ data, then upload to the Cloud simultaneously. Users could also see the health report produced by our AI, and find more exercise information on the App.

    1. By recording the user’s training repetition and strength, AI would produce an exclusive training project for the user.
    2. The data of the user would be uploaded instantly to the Cloud and alarm would raise when irregular data is being detected..
    3. Results of daily training and measurement would be analyzed by AI system, then send the dedicated report to the user’s smartphone.
    4. The coach & experts can check the tracks of physiological indexes and exercise records, understand the current situation of the trainees and most significantly, can edit & produce customized training report to the users.
    5. Creating your own training schedule on your smartphone, with our WowGoHealth app, makes recording easily and correctly.
    6. The system is powered by double hydraulic circuit. It’s relatively safe in use.


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