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Haematocrit centrifuge(KHT-410E)

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- Provides a laboratory test in field of biochemistry, microbe immunity genetics, blood separation and also a general clinic test to hematocrit value (HCT), which defines the percentage of Red Blood Cells against the whole body reflecting the status of Red Blood Cells.  May be used to detect the percentage of anemia or polycythemia.

- All modes are designed in fixed speed at 12000rpm except models PLC-012, PLC-012E.

- Set your desired time and press button START to commence the spinning.

- Each rotor comes with the lid. Be sure to close the lid properly before spinning the rotor.

- Each unit provides a reading scale. Place the capillary tube into the slot of reader then read the Red Blood Cells directly.

- KHT-430B and PLC-012B function the automatic brake when the preset time has elapsed.

- PLC-012B comes with a speed indicator for direct readout.

- EPDM material is used for rotor gasket to extend the operation lifetime.

The safety device will shut out the power if the lid is opened during the operation.


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