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High Flow Therapy System/Device HUMIDOFLO

Model: HF-2900D
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Delivery up to 100% Oxygen for reversal of hypoxemia
Heated & moisturized oxygen to improve secretion clearance
Maximum flow rate up to 50 LPM to provide a positive airway pressure and wash out dead space in upper airway
Patent designed nasal prong improved patient tolerance/comfortable, and unhindered feeding / speaking, without problem of face mask
The HUMIDOFLO will become new trend of ventilation


HUMIDOFLO is an innovative respiratory care system delivering high flows of blended oxygen through a unique Nasal Cannula. HUMIDOFLO represents a new era of respiratory care. The high flow delivery of Oxygen and humidity can dramatically increase the tracheal humidity and temperature, meanwhile providing a better transport for mucociliary clearance. Compare to traditional mask type Oxygen therapy; HUMIDOFLO applies nasal cannula, which is more comfortable and acceptable among patients. In recent years, many research pointed out that the success rate of NHFT curing COPD patients is 20% higher than traditional facial mask oxygen therapy


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