Medical Compression Stocking (Melissa)
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Medical Compression Stocking (Melissa)

Medical Compression Stocking (Melissa)

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Features: 1. Adopted by high grade Tactel® microfiber, provides comfortable touching and moisture regulation to the skin. 2. Tactel® fiber contains excellent characteristic of absorbing perspiration, which is 3 times faster in drying speed than natural fiber & 5 times than cotton. 3. Fashion, sheer, soft and efficiency are assembled on it. 4. Graduated therapeutic support for tired, aching legs and venous disease. 5. Compression level: 15~20, 20~30, 30~40 mmHg.


Comfortmed medical compression stocking provides pressure to the veins with 100% pressure at ankle area. Compression lessens gradually when it comes to calf(70%) and thigh(40%) region. The characteristic of graduated pressure on the hosiery advance all veins be compressed in a normal and healthy way.


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