Mobile suction unit(SU-305P)


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Mobile suction unit(SU-305P)

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Features: CE , GMP , ISO 13485 , 9001.


- User-friendly design, ideal for use in operation theater room or general wards providing an efficient performance such as suction biopsy, surgery, endometrical curette, OB/GYN and abortion etc.
- A storage cabinet on back of SU-305 convenient for storing accessories and tools.
- Built-in a vacuum gauge with a range from 0 – 760mmHg ( 0 – 31 inHg) for direct readout.
- Choice of glass or plastic (polycarbonate) bottles graduated in ML incorporated with over-flow preventive fitting with autoclaveable rubber bung and fitting.
- Changeover from one to another bottle by turning the control knob of LEFT-RIGHT for suctioning to the corresponding bottle.
- SU-305P features one piece molded exterior body made by compact fiberglass for superior resistance to rust, chip and corrosion easy for cleaning.
- Mounted by 4 rubber anti-static wheels with 2 locking facility.
- Strong vacuum aspiration regulated form 0 (ZERO) to the maximum capable of sustaining of performing all purposes.
- Silicon suction tubing is autoclaveable and reusable.
- Low noise operation suitable for use in hospital ward and theater room.


CE , GMP , ISO 13485 , 9001.
Overall dimension 500 x 420 x 885mm
Vacuum pump Oil rotary Oil-less
Cylinder N.A. 2
191 W 270 W
Max airflow (±10%) 80 LPM 70 LPM
Max vacuum (±10%) 700mmHg 680mmHg
Net weight 28.3 kg 26.0 kg
Collection jars plastic
Overflow prevention Yes
Standard accessory Bottle x 2pc + Footswitch x 1
Suction tubing x 1 pc
Optional accessory Bacteria filter; suction cup Cannula se


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