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Respitronics Elite nebulization therapy system

Model: Elite Pro
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Min. Order: 500
Sold by: OK Biotech
Synchronous operation with ventilation
Silent operation
Low medication residue
Medication level detection
Quick and easy to set up
Partical size: 4.053 µm
High Lung Deposition Rate


Respitronics Controller
1) Respitronics has only single controller which can connect to all of our products.
2) Our controller has single button which simplifies the set up and ease of use.

Respitronics Elite Pro
1) This device is like no other device on the market today. The device has a sensor which detects the medication level and will stop when the medication is finished. The device is the most versatile device on the market today.
2) The medication chamber capacity is 2mL.
3) The device has a sensor which detects the level of Medication in the chamber and turns the device OFF when the medication runs out.

Respitronics flow sensor
Flow Sensor which regulates the nebulization and stops medication waste by turning the device ON only when the patient in Inhaling and OFF when the patient is Exhaling.

Advantages of Elite
-Quick and easy to set-up with no added flow.
-Suitable for solution and suspensions
-Silent operation
-Low medication residue
-No medication detection
-Synchronous operation with ventilation

-NEBULIZATION : RATE > 0.2mL/min (Average~0.3 mL/min)
-AEROSOL OUTPUT RATE : 0.048 ml/min
-AEROSOL OUTPUT : 0.841 ml
-POWER SAVING : Auto shutdown in 20 minutes


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