Algeria International Health Exhibition SIMEM 2023

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Algeria International Health Exhibition SIMEM 2023

Barely a week after Eid El Fitr, on May 3, the Oran Convention Center will host the 25th edition of SIMEM for 4 days.

Four days of intense activity covering for the health sector, the scientific, economic, regulatory, logistical, financial aspects,… through a major international exhibition and a very rich program of conferences, workshops, symposiums and presentations.

200 exhibitors, presenting the products and equipment around 500 firms from around thirty countries, are expected at this special anniversary edition.

The analysis of participations confirmed this day shows that, alongside Algerian operators (33.8%) – manufacturers, importers or service providers – the other firms present or represented come for 34.3% from ASIA, 28.6% from Europe and 03.2% from Africa and the Americas; the countries most represented this year are CHINA (23.2%), France (7.4%), Germany (6.7%), Italy (5.4%) and South Korea (3.5%).
With regard to national exhibitors, we note that they come from 18 wilayas, which confirms the gradual establishment throughout the country of operators in the health sector, even if Algiers is the most represented almost 75 exhibitors.

The overall exhibition area has increased by half compared to the previous edition, but compared to 2012, the first year of SIMEM at the CCO, the increase is 37,8%, or almost four times greater.

This technological showcase of health products remains as rich and varied as ever. It covers medical imaging, the analysis laboratory, medical devices, hospital furniture, operating rooms, instrumentation, consumables, hospital hygiene, digitization, medical training, specialized publications and services. financial.

In parallel with the exhibition, the JSS, SIMEM Scientific Days, under the general theme “Technological advances and improvement of health care” will make it possible to approach and debate the progress made and the research in progress in no less than 25 medical specialties. . Carried out in partnership with 16 organizations specializing in different health reserches, these JSS, led by national and foreign experts, include 44 scientific communications, 16 training workshops and 4 symposiums.

In addition, within the exhibition, in the “Talk&Show” area open to visitors, there will be panels of experts, products or companies presentations, video screenings and various demonstrations as part of a scientific commercial event, organized for the first time at SIMEM and which will also include price draw of the 100 gifts offered by the organizer and its partners, for the 25th anniversary of SIMEM.

Finally, remember that access is reserved for professionals and students in medical fields and that the show is open from Wednesday May 3 to Saturday May 6, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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