To analyze the future trends of the biomedical industry at Medical Taiwan

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In addition to the physical exhibition, Medical Taiwan Virtual will be held simultaneously to provide an integrated virtual and real solution to help exhibitors communicate and interact with international buyers through the online exhibition platform.

The exhibition focuses on “Medical Device Supply Chain”, “Health Industry Ecosystem” and “Smart Medical and New Innovation”, presenting the complete production and supply chain of the upstream and downstream medical material industry as well as smart medical and new medical solutions.

According to the TDC, the event once again brought together industry, government and academia, including the Taiwan Medical And Biotech Industry Association, TAIWAN BIO-MEDICAL CARE ASSOCIATION, Metal Industries Research & Development Centre, Southern Taiwan Science Park Bureau, Taiwan Sports Technology Association, Taiwan Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association, as well as the Taiwan Nonwoven Fabrics Industry Association and the Taiwan Hosiery Manufacturers’ Association, etc. At the same time, there were also information and communication companies led by the Information Policy Council to exhibit medical displays and touch panels, the Asia Pacific Accelerator Network Association and Hsinchu Biomedical Association to lead medical start-ups.

The APAC Accelerator Network Association and Hsinchu Biomedical Center led the medical start-ups to exhibit. The biggest highlight of the event was the first time Supermicro, a major host and server company, participated in a medical-related exhibition in Taiwan after entering the medical field.

The “Beauty Care” pavilion, which was just established this year, also featured exotic body care products such as Marula Oil, Tea Tree and Eucalyptus Oil, etc. The Ligu Pavilion, organized by the Taiwan Ligu Industry Innovation Alliance, featured three main themes: “innovative raw material development,” “new cross-disciplinary technologies” and “new green packaging material development. In addition, a seminar on “Linking International, Creating Beauty – A New World of Beauty” will be held in the exhibition hall to lead the industry to understand the global cosmetic innovation and trend.

In addition, three sessions of “Smart Medical and Care Industry Forum” will be held during the exhibition, including Tech, Trend, and Startup, with speakers including President Ming-Hsien Wu of National Taiwan University Hospital, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of ASUSTek Huang, Vice President of Wistron Medical Chuang, Chief Technology and Strategy Officer of Microsoft Taiwan and General Manager of Microsoft Technology Center Chen, and Senior Technical Manager of 3M, Del R. Senior Technical Manager, Del R. Lawson, PhD, Supermicro IoT/Embedded & Edge Computing General Manager, Mory Lin, and others.

The Tech Forum will focus on the cross-border dialogue between the medical and technology sectors; the Trends Forum will focus on the trend of complementary cooperation between index companies and new entrepreneurs in technology, concept and industry to enhance the competitiveness of the industry; and the Startup Forum will bring together leading biomedical investors, academic experts and new start-ups to discuss the trend of venture capital and corporate investment viewpoints in the biomedical industry. In addition, for the first time, a mobile podcast concept car will be set up in the exhibition hall, and many KOLs and celebrities from industry, academia and medicine will be invited to give live lectures.

We want to ensure you don’t miss any of the exciting events coming up this year. Make sure that your calendar is updated with all-important details for Medical Taiwan expo, which will take place October 14st through 16rd at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center

To understand how the biomedical industry will be changing in five years, we must look at it with an eye for what is yet to come. There are many trends that can’t yet materialize because they haven’t received enough attention or funding; however if you take a closer look there’s no shortage on things like gene therapy and stem cell research which may make headlines soon.

What’s on trend in healthcare?
The latest industry trends include: rology and evidence-based practices for patient engagement; telemedicine to expand access while maintaining quality of care ; mHealth platforms that engage with patients through mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets or laptops so they can self monitor their own health at any time.

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