Ultimate buying guide for massage table and treatment table

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Ultimate buying guide for massage table and treatment table

Massage tables have too many uses and have become a necessity for many in today’s world. A massage table is a medical appliance that is useful for treating people suffering from injuries or just for relaxing, or sometimes even for physiotherapy. Two main positions either lying on the front or the back, are used to put such treatments to use. For someone who wants to buy a massage table for business or practice or even for personal use, go through this article that summarises for you, all you have to know about your buy.

How do you select a massage table?

The basic criteria that should be kept in mind are:

  • The common myth is that all massage tables are same. Wrong! Massage tables are specially made to serve several different practices. The table used at a spa and the one used by a physiotherapist aren’t the same. So, make sure you study well about the different kinds of massage tables before jumping to buy one.
  • You cannot buy a customized massage table for specific customers, obviously. So, buy one that fits the majority of them. While the standard length is close to 185 cm, you can also find other with bigger sizes. Adding to this, do check the width of the table with the practitioner’s height. If their height is small, choose a narrow one. But more practically, a wider table is more comfortable for any patient.
  • How much weight can the table support? Don’t forget to add the weight of the pressure exerted by the practitioner as well. A regular massage table claims to hold up to 250 kgs or a little more. 
  • Are there any additional features available with it? Like some forms of inclinations, a headrest or backrest. Keep in mind the comfort of the patient and try to go for a table that is more modular in nature and gives the patient the freedom to choose his/her comfortable position.
  • A serious factor: the padding on the table. Choosing table with a thicker padding does no harm but instead assures durability of the table and comfort of the customer. Another quick tip: Prefer memory foam mattresses over regular ones. They last longer.
  • If you are confused about which material to choose for the massage table, we would suggest you to go for metal frames like aluminium or rot-iron instead of weaker fibres or even wood. You won’t have to worry about maintenance for a long time. 
  • Will you need to carry the table around? If yes, tick that box too. Some has wheels, others can fold up like a suitcase to carry anywhere you want to. Keep in mind, if you are a traveller, and need to carry the table with you, the weight of the table should not be too much

How about a portable one?

  • Generally recommended for use at home environment.
  • Cheaper than most tables but more reputed to be cosier and more comfortable.
  • Make it a point to check how stable it is, over everything else. Ask questions like- how much weight can it hold? Or what size will suit the best? 
  • Don’t forget reputation. Buy a massage table only from a well-trusted brand. 
  • Another important question to ask- Do you need any extra features like specific folds or head rests? Have it clear before you buy one.
  • Choose the material consciously. You are going to use it long term so, plan properly. A tip: Prefer metal frames like aluminium over wooden or fibre ones. 
  • And last but not the least: Choose a good quality mattress. Make sure it is thick enough to last long, firm enough to carry enough weight and comfortable enough to be able to relax on it.

Massage table and other options

Bobath table

  • Much more durable than regular tables. 
  • It is able to hold more weight and pressure than regular tables.

Spa table

  • It has some additional features compared to a regular massage tables.
  • Must be durable with moist environment of a spa. 
  • Must be waterproof as well.
  • Comfortable for people to relax on and at times even makes it easier to sleep.

There are 3 ways to make a massage table lighter:

Don’t use a wooden frame for the table. Rather use a metal one like aluminium, stainless steel etc.

Do not add a backrest if you do not need it. A backrest system weighs around 2-3 kgs which further increases the weight of the massage table. 

Keep a track of the average height of the clients you are dealing with, and if it permits you, buy a smaller table as it automatically reduces the weight of it.

A Table’s Working Weight:

The working weight of a massage table is the sum of the weight of the client and the weight of the pressure applied by the massager. Every massage table has a capacity of holding weight safely. 

The maximum number of massage tables have the working weight of somewhere between 400-600 pounds. The reason it is made with that capacity is to make sure that those upper limits are never reached or tested. The maximum weight of client that is acceptable is around 100 to 200 pounds.

A Table’s Static Weight:

All these massage tables are put through proper tests and are examined to make sure of its quality and its holding capacity.

These tests done on the massage tables are similar to those done in car crash tests, to ensure safety of the users. Weights of more than 2000 pounds are dropped on the tables to see its capacity to hold pressure. These test results assure you about the static weight capacities of the tables, but make sure to understand that the working weight capacity might not be as much.

Common Mistakes When Buying a Massage Table:

A massage table does not compulsory have a backrest. So, if your treatment does not require that, do not buy a massage table with a backrest. Those sorts of back rests are used mostly by some therapists.

With the idea of getting more, people usually forget what they actually need. Remember that you might not need a table twice the size of an average person, Clear the dimensions like the height, width and weight holding capacity all together before buying a table.

As mentioned earlier, do not compromise on quality. Rather than choosing a cheap poor-quality table, that starts giving you trouble very soon, buy one that is of good quality and its longevity will be assured.

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