How HLTH is Shaping the startup health culture

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How HLTH is Shaping the startup health culture

Startups are encountering a wide range of difficulties in this quickly changing economic environment, which is putting an end to years consecutively of unprecedented prosperity. The importance of ViVE and HLTH as a thriving expenditure marketplace and go-to location for possibilities for development has increased as a result of the closure of conventional channels


The StartUp Health Festival has brought together several CEOs, financiers, global leaders, and business owners to concentrate on resolving the most pressing medical problems facing the world since 2011.

For employees

Employers must deal with a variety of changing labor market possibilities as well as obstacles in this competitive environment. In addition to the newest technological advancements to implement staffing as well as advantages strategies, HLTH 2022 will give you access to a whole diversity of business subject matter experts, potential employees, and talent. Dig deep, consider fresh suggestions for increasing retention, and get a sneak peek at the newest cutting-edge analytics tools.

In order to achieve equity for a varied range of workers, extend family leave, or improve women’s health coverage in a post-Roe world, HLTH 2022 will assist employers in identifying their competitive advantage. 

For Providers

Conventional hospital systems that only concentrate on sick-care models will face a moment of recognition as patient conduct changes toward more avoidance of self-care. As a result of recent trends that have been sparked by the pandemic, patients and customers are managing their own care. Service providers must adapt to shifting actions, whether it is through the adoption of a hybrid care model or a partnership with a digital health company that provides in-person or virtual on-demand care.

Provider effectiveness and involvement in models of value-based care are being boosted by modern analytics, digitization, and AI collaboration; moreover, if novel problems like interconnection and cybersecurity are not properly resourced, they could present an uphill battle. More business owners, financiers, and employees from the private and public sectors will be able to attend the StartUp Health Festival thanks to this fascinating new partnership.

WELL by HLTH is a first-time “event within an event” for customer-oriented healthcare participants looking for an opportunity to boost their reputations and develop sustainable business possibilities.

The programs encourage participation from brands in the following sectors: portable technology, fitness, mental health, dietary habits, sexual health, quality of sleep, and others. Discover the most important strategic business and media partners, as well as the whole healthcare setting in one location, such as payers and employer groups.

HLTH 2022 and ViVE provide a dynamic atmosphere where capitalists are looking for a subsequent activity, regardless of the public rhetoric surrounding the startup community. The goal of HLTH and ViVE is to develop an experience that is focused entirely on forming significant relationships for the present as well as the future through a variety of matchmaking and organized association programs.

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